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David Foehr

VP Finance

David Foehr

Michael's expertise and our use of his strategic forecasting application proved invaluable in leading us to better decisions about our portfolio and investments.

Robert Murtfeldt

Strategic Planning & Business Development

Robert Murtfeldt

I recommend Michael and his team to anyone in need of advanced quantitative analyses and modeling to help refine their business plan and make decisions about new product areas.

Meghna Mehta

Global Brand Lead

Meghna Mehta

Coupled with the technical finesse, this group’s customer responsiveness shines brightly amidst the gaggle of forecasters. I had a pleasure of using their forecasting models in one of our technology investments and if this were a Zagat rating survey, I would rate AQS’s model at “27”!

Investor, Serial Entepreneur

Johnathan Schwimmer

A leader for modeling and understanding product adoption and highly complex mathematical modeling.

Chief Marketing Officer

Laura Rector

Michael is great to work with and his modeling tool is an amazing resource for any business, at any stage.

Worldwide Marketing Director

Alexander Ilory

I worked with Michael and his team on a particularly difficult market forecast model for an acquisition at Ethicon. Michael and his team partnered with us from the beginning. They started with helping ensure that the quantitative market research used to drive the market model was robust enough. The Monte Carlo simulation model they build provided us with the answer we needed, and they were there through numerous changes along the way. I will hire Michael and his team again for future modeling needs.

Sr. Forecast & Planning Manager

Alice Fortson

We are now in a better position to ask the right questions and model different scenarios that highlight the upside and risks of any given assumption/opportunity.


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